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Eat Your Carrots Please

Growing up I saw carrots as the arch enemy of my tastebuds. No matter how they were presented; raw, steamed, candied, or hidden in soups, I ran away. Even the adage of eat your carrots to improve your eyesight did not sit well with me. And yes, now I have coke bottle glasses and I thank technology for slim fit lenses.

However, when I decided to relocate to Asia for work I met a carrot that I liked. It wasn't dressed up and made to appear as another desirable vegetable. This thick slice of carrot was moist, flavorful, crisp, and sweet yes sweet. Now, let me tell you this wasn't the conventional carrot that is found in most retail supermarkets. It wasn't pretty, perfectly aligned, slim or that weird bright orange. It was mammoth, misshappened, and a nice shade of burnt orange but it possessed an explosive flavor which made my tastebuds crave more. I began buying carrots by the boatload to add to stir-frys, made them the stars of vegetable plates at gatherings, turned them into desserts and became midnight snacks.

Later I researched and found out that my food best friend was high in the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A, C, K, B6, Manganese and Potassium. My carrots are incorporated into:

- cakes

- dessert fudge

- couscous

- pilaf

- pancakes

- jam & preserves

- muffins

- smoothies

- salads

- souffles

I try to visit my local Asian grocery store or the local farmer's market to get the great best carrots for the price. Don't be afraid to make that carrot the star of the plate and let me know how it turned out.

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