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Eating Your Ornaments

While decorating the Christmas tree this year I pondered how each ornament tasted. I'm sure many people have thought the same thing this year or years passed. Would the angel taste like cotton candy? Would your grandmother's favorite ornament have faint traces of warm peach cobbler she was famous for making each summer? Is the red nose of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer a fiery cinnamon red hot? How about your favorite gingerbread house that you made in kindergarten? Does it still have the taste of fresh ginger?

This year I tasked myself with making ornaments that the whole family could make and decorate the house. Yes, them making it to the tree was not priority but the fun of making the ornaments ranked number one. The only thing I wanted to was for the family to get messy while having a great time and create lasting memories. As we got started, the first ones constructd didn’t catch on, we will not mention how the looked like the were left on the 75% off shelf, as quickly as I thought. But it was the last one which had everyone loading up in the car to refresh supplies. The multicolored marshmallow popcorn balls were an instant hit! I think the marshmallow fluff was what put it over the top. That plus I mixed in some food coloring, sprinkles, and edible glitter to make the balls pop.

While we are on a sugar high. laughing and basking in the afterglow of popcorn which was surrounded by gooey goodness; our family had fun. I can only hope that we make these balls for New Years Eve, Easter, Columbus Day, and any other holiday we can remember. I’m sure my family will second the motion as we happily skip into 2016.

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