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  • Tye Lewis

Creamed Farina Anyone?

With celebrating another year of living on the this Earth I often revisit what foods marked eras in my life. The following list are just some of the times in my life.

1. French Fries

Up until kindergarten these were a staple in my diet. When my family and I ate in fine restaurants or fast food joints the only thing I would eat were these delectable fried bites. I remember my father ordering a full meal for me and much to his horror the only thing I would touch were my beloved fries. My mom just laughed, gave my steak to my brother and ate my vegetables.

2. Creamed Farina

This creamy delight can be enjoyed by all ages from the toothless baby to the well seasoned citizen. And it was gobbled down weekly by myself up until going gluten free. By adding milk, sugar, cinnamon or a pat of butter this Plain Jane food was transformed into a culinary delight meant for royals. By the way I always opted for milk, sugar and butter when I was in elementary and an added dash of nutmeg as my taste buds matured. This comfort dish I savored until I could no longer have gluten, but; Cream of Rice has since taken its place.

3. Instant Noodles

My teens up until my early college years were full of shrimp, beef, pork and original flavored instant noodles. A pot of boiling water or a microwave was all that was needed for a warm one pot meal. I even thought I was going all out when I added in sauteed peppers and onions for more fiber in my meatless dish.

4. Korean, Indian & Beyond

These foods in my life now call to my palate and tempt me to develop recipes which let me explore the world on a daily basis from my kitchen. However, now I know I can always return to my past favorites on the days I want to revisit my past.

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