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  • Tye Lewis

NYC Buzz

Sometimes I dream of what it would look like for me to live in New York City. The smell, people, non-stop activities of daily life and of course the food. The first time I had the chance to visit all I could think in my mind was "This is Seoul but in English." I wasn't overwhelmed by the surge of people, rapid speech of individuals nor the hurried pace of daily life of the millions of residents who call the city home. Enthralled and captivated by everything I saw I dreamt of calling this place my home.

Walking through Bryant Park, gleefully skipping along in Union Square, riding the train to a New York sleepy town on the outskirts of the bustling city to rest and revel in my first NYC experience. That first and only night during my first trip, I enjoyed the typical tourist things (i.e. walking Times Square, eating nuts from a vendor cart, staring in amazement at the neon signs.) On the hour train ride back to my accommodations in a sleepy New York town I started planning my next trip to the big city. Oh and the next few trips would influence my direction for live and business.

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