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  • How old must a particpant be to attend a class?
    For demonstration classes all ages are welcome; however, to participate in hands on sections or lessons participants must be over the age of 12 and have written parental permission.
  • What cooking levels are welcome at the classes?
    All cooking levels from novice to experienced chef are welcome at all classes.
  • What should I wear to a cooking demonstration or class?
    For cooking demonstrations no special clothing is necessary. During a hands on cooking class participants with long hair must pull it back into a ponytail, remove hand and wrist jewlery, wear comfortalbe clothing and non-skid closed toe shoes. Participants can bring thier own aprons or one will be provided.
  • Do we get to taste the food demonstrated or prepared during a class?
    Yes, a generous sample is available for attendees.
  • How long are the demonstrations and classes?
    The length of the demonstrations and classes vary in length but are no shorter than one hour. Demonstration and class length are listed in the details for each specific demonstration or class.
  • What methods of payment does Tye Cooks Austin accept?
    We accept payment for services in cash, credit or debit card, business checks and PayPal. Sorry at this time personal checks are not accepted.
  • What if I have allergies or special dietary needs?
    If you have food allergies or special dietary needs, please indicate when booking or ordering a ticket. We at Tye Cooks Austin do are best to make resonable accommodations, however we sometimes cook with common allergens (soy, fish, nuts, dairy, and gluten) and are unable to guarantee a 100% allergy free enviroment.
  • What is Tye Cooks Austin's cancellation policy?
    Client Cancellations: For cancellations prior to 48 hours, up to half of the deposit will be returned to customer. Customer cancellations or reschedules less than 48 hours, customers will forefeit deposits and will be responsible for cost of food. All classes or demonstrations presented or hosted by Tye Cooks Austin will give notice via email at least 24 hours prior to class or demonstration and recieve a full refund or return of deposit.
  • What are the packages and pricing for cooking demonstrations and classes?
    Cooking demonstrations start at $325.00 and private cooking lessons start at $45.00 with a two hour minimum. Please contact Tye Cooks Austin at for package pricing.
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