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"Tye's kitchen is such a yummy place! Everything is so simple, buildable, and delicious. I can't wait for more"
- T. Matieson
Very friendly and easy to follow instructions. Great graduation present. 
- E. Mast
"Very impressed! She did amazing and the food was delicious."
- M. Armour
Tye is such a fantastic cook! We are thrilled to have her at our complex. She is professional, funny, and has great tips to share. Highly recommended. 
-Team Liv of Liv Whitestone Apartments
"Very friendly and enjoyable."
- Resident, Liv Whitestone
“Ty is so friendly and warm. Loved having her cooking knowledge at my property."
- K. Corse, Bexley Property Manager
"Really comfortable enviroment and I enjoyed learning to cook from her."
-T. Pham
Tye's demonstration is fun and informative. What I like best, is she helps you understand fundamental of foods, participate in cooking, then eat her wonderful dishes. At no extra cost, we all left with the recipes. Definitely fun and will go again!
- D. Hunter
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