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What's the Dill-o?

Did you know you can make a quick side dish, with plain yogurt (organic is best) and a half tablespoon of finely chop some dill? How about wowing your dinner party guest by presenting dilled butter to accompany the seafood, potatoes or bread. It is a simple as combining minced fresh dill with half a cup of softened butter, chill in ice cube molds and serve.

My favorite dish are steamed green beans with dill. Four simple ingredients take the beans from ordinary to extraordinary. Each time I make it for family and friends they request the recipe and are stunned how easy it is to prepare. The first time I made this recipe was for my church single's dinner. It accompanied a feast of roast beef, turkey, gouda mashed potatoes, and fresh cranberry preserves. I was worried the guest, mostly my friends, would push the beans to the side but this was the first side item to run out at the dinner when seconds were requested.

Dill, an aromatic herb, has been used since Romans ruled most of the known world and when Egyptians were building the pyramids. There are many uses for dill to treat: - insomnia - relief for pain - given to new mothers immediately after birth - soothe stomach aches

So the next time you pass dill in the local farmers market or ethnic grocery store, take a bunch home to add to some to Plain Jane green beans, butter or seafood. Just think you will be supporting a local business, trying something new, and getting added calcuim to boot.

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