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Taste Bud Journeys

Vacations are always welcomed as a retreat from the daily grind. For years I had dreamed of traveling to San Francisco, Spain, as well as Morocco. At the end of the last year, I was able to visit San Francisco with Shelli, a longtime friend, so now Morocco is next on the list. So while I figure out how to stay in Morocco without acquiring a tourist visa, I discovered how to take my taste buds to this exciting location instead.

I wanted to make the experience as close as possible to what my mouth would taste. I started on a quest to locate three important items: a tajine, preserved lemons, and Moroccan wine.

The first two were easy to locate at one of the many international markets located in the city. Walking into these establishments always transports me back to my days abroad in South Korea with a welcome smile. However, the third proved harder than I expected. As all of my close friends and family know, I have a knack for seeking out the unique. Now, nothing is wrong with the popular or common things found in everyday life; I just find myself drawn to the hidden gems of life. I was determined to find a Moroccan wine to be the star of, Love Yourself; Love Your Food, Valentine’s Day Dinner event. Little did I know my gem was hiding in plain sight at Avery Ranch Wine and Spirits and its owner, Pam Duska. During, my weekly errands I have driven past this store, but only upon crossing its threshold could I truly see the divine treats that resided within. I was stunned to see a vast collection of exclusive wine and liquor but also knowledgeable attendants who help guide me to a Moroccan wine which could pair well with just about any Moroccan inspired dish I could create.

I will say the dinner was a success and can't wait to transport my body to Morocco and not just my taste buds.

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