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  • Tye Lewis

Code Name, Suriname

Suriname, a former Dutch colony which has a rich history was a South American country I selected earlier this year to research their cuisine. Most people maybe unaware there is a country name Suriname located in South America that has similar historical parallels to America. This small nation was once Dutch colony has a long history which is intertwined with England, the Netherlands, India and Africa. It's cuisine is just has full. During my research of this small country, I found that the foods which are celebrated and that were added to my small list of comfort foods.

When deciding upon a country to study, I asked myself several questions: How would I explain why this country is just as important as any other nation? How could I relate the history to the personal experiences of others? Why is this particular country's cuisine similar to the foods we eat here in the United States? And last but not least, can I make the food while honoring the nation? Answering or trying to answer these question is always my first step before diving into the unknown to me. I wish I could say that I answered all of the questions before learning more about Suriname, the people who live in the nation, or even its history. I didn't. But what I did learn is that food is one of the ways in which lays the foundation and trusses for building the bridge to others.

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