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Why I Give Thanks

During this time of year I tend to get wrapped up in fitting in all of the holiday planning, dinners, and family gatherings; and sometime forget why I should be thankful. Looking at the life I continue to live I see that with my numerous friends and family members my needs are always met. However, sometimes my wants overloads my plate causing me to become consumed with with what I do not possess.

Each time I decided to move, whether it was across the street or to the other side of the world, giving away my possessions helped restore and replenish my soul. By letting go of my possessions I began to understand what I really needed and cherished those things more deeply. I have had a chance to discuss this feeling with others and see that I am not alone in the feeling of letting go brings about the feeling of replenishment.

I will not say that I have always felt this way about things in my life but as I become more seasoned (not older) the wisdom of knowing what I need versus what I want becomes clearer. When asked by others what five things I would need during my journey of life I don't think anymore of my possessions but of the irreplaceable people in my life that need me just as much as I need them. Possessions are fleeting but true caring people are not.

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