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  • Tye Lewis

Forget the New Year's Resolution

Breaking bread at a new friend's table is the path to a long enduring friendship, plus great recipes. "Breaking Bread" is symbolic of trust, friendship and deep respect for the people you invite to partake of a meal. We are well into 2017 and I wonder how many of us are still striving to reach our New Year's Resolution goals. One of my goals was learning to appreciate being invited to a seat at a dinner table. Enjoying the conversations and honoring the people who find me worthy to be called a friend.

During a cooking presentation I was asked when I met new individuals do I immediately ask for recipes to add to my trove. I had to stop before answering this question and think how to answer this question without hurting feelings or giving the air of arrogance. A few of the individuals in attendance tensed waiting for the reply to come. That is when I realized that having been exposed to all types of cuisines and cultures was a gift bestowed by my parents and this was a chance to teach instead of chide. I began to slowly explain that gaining mutual trust and understanding did not begin with demands or requests but the ability to sit, listen and receive what is given out of friendship and respect. With being open, given the opportunity to cook together, and eating at each other's tables acknowledges the person has more to offer than you can ever receive allows you to learn how to honor "breaking bread." What New Year's Resolution have you kept?

Loving cooking culture one plate at a time.

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